Ricoh: AFP Workbench for Windows Free Version

AFP Workbench for Windows Free Version

Product category: Advanced Function Presentation Tool Sets
Product(s): InfoPrint AFP Workbench/Windows NT95
Operating system(s): Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 32 Bit, Windows XP
Version: 2.07
DocNumber: P4000360
Publish date: 2015-11-27

Download and Install the AFP Workbench For Windows product for FREE

Download description:
The AFP Workbench product was no longer supported as of January 31, 2003. As a replacement this version is available as a free unsupported download . In the future Ricoh Production Print Solutions plans to provide a priced offering for customers using the free downloaded version who also require support.


Added Features in Version

1. US22479: Support for image sub-sampling, with YCrCb and YCbCr color spaces.

2. US22924: Rebranding of Viewer.


Fixes in Version

1. US3157: Add indicator image, at current position, for objects that aren't supported (Example: EPS and PDF objects).

2. DE8084: Address barcode font size issue.

3. DE8081: Address problem when opening SCS test case with header data exceeding 1K.

4. DE7483: Correct trim problem for GOCA objects that exceed object area.

5. DE6684: Address issue with small JPEG images, weren't being displayed.

6. DE6444: Address fill area issue with bezier curve.


Added Features in Version

1. The ability to process Resource Access Tables (RATs).

2. The ability to display AFP Bar Codes (BCOCA).

3. The processing of AFP Font Resources (mapping AFP Font is no longer required).

For additional details on the above features, please refer to the afptech5.pdf document.


Installation instructions:
Download the self-extracting file IPSAFPWB2701.EXE to a temporary directory. Run the program. Files in the IPSAFPWB2701.EXE are extracted to a temporary directory. Once setup automatically begins, follow the instructions
provided by the installation process.

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